Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle – Goes Underground (Zickzack 1985)

For various reasons since about 2014, I’ve mostly had to put a halt on physical music acquisitions. To hear new things I’ve been digging back through a lot of material I’ve digitized and physically purged, or exploring YouTube seeking hidden gems. This is one of those gems, found in the depths of YouTube. There are… Read More Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle – Goes Underground (Zickzack 1985)

Regosphere / Contagious Orgasm – Hospital Emissions C60 by DumpsterScore

An integrative collaboration between these two veteran noise / sound artists.  Regosphere (Andrew Quitter), currently based in Oregon, USA, has been active since the beginning of this magnificent century, releasing numerous recordings of noise / industrial sound, including works by Werewolf Jerusalem, Compoundead, Alan Courtis & Cyrus Pireh, Chefkirk, Minoy, Andreas Brandal / Hidden Persuaders… Read More Regosphere / Contagious Orgasm – Hospital Emissions C60 by DumpsterScore

INSTITUTRICE: Cohortes LP / DL (unjenesaiquoi 2021)

Institutrice is the French percussion-centered duo of Eric Bentz and Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy. Eric Bentz is an award-winning composer and sound designer, formerly singer / guitarist in Electric Electric, a group which toured the US, Russia and Europe extensively from 2008-2016. Geoffroy has been in a number of noise rock groups, solo and collaborative projects mostly… Read More INSTITUTRICE: Cohortes LP / DL (unjenesaiquoi 2021)