Hobbledeions -Capisce C-45 (No Kings)

This is an older release, dating back a couple of years, but because I’ve enjoyed it so much I wanted to say some things about it anyway. This Capisce is a creative gem of vacuum packed enthusiasm and sparks. Emphasis on drums. There is a lot of precise energetic drumming, set with visceral textures (guitars & other tonemakers) on this album that reminds me of This Heat or Brice-Glace, but it has a post-2000 stylistic twist. I guess that would be what you might call “math rock” leanings, though I think the style is pretty unique and easily possesses innate cleverness sufficient to avoid pigeonholing. The intelligent rhythms are sometimes in odd time signatures. I do find the rhythm construction and performance to be very intelligent, but a very important thing to mention is that the intelligence does not come at the cost of the natural or passionate feeling of the music. Semi-tangential exercises with sampling and sound manipulation are placed amidst the less abstract pieces centered on hypnotic rhythms, which makes for a feeling of playful experimentation that never becomes masturbatory or mindlessly meandering. This is an exceptional piece of home recorded art that stands far out beyond the endlessly heavy flow of cassette releases. It’s great to find a creator in this realm that does something so different yet stays aligned with much of the aesthetics that the cassette/d.i.y. culture deals in. Lots of noise and texture present, with a low fidelity presentation that is grimy and coolly rocking.


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