Andreas Brandal – Parts Of The Puzzle C34 (Ginjoha)


This release by Andreas Brandal consists of eight tracks of unique textural and atmospheric scenery. I am not familiar with Andreas’ work, but this cassette has made a nice first impression. The track titles are I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII. Four on each side of the tape. Track I begins with acoustic guitar sounds mixed with some hard to recognize sounds. This evolves into a more textural sound with higher pitched tones occasionally appearing like far off signals, coming in and out over the top of some unrecognizable machinery running. The textural sounds fade and what sounds like pulling on a loose piece of metal comes in. This evolves into pulsating and textural sound before fading.

Track III starts with something like the sound of an object bouncing off metal and a slow pulsating drone. There are unique and eerie sounds that come into the mix. This track is very soundtrack-like, in an unconventional way. The sounds are not really identifiable but there is an ambiance and mood set. It also is somewhat hypnotic with the repetition of some of the sounds.

What seems like a manipulated or distorted vinyl sample starts the fourth track. Coming in quickly are insect like sounds (though clearly not insects) and a mechanical sound like a motor of some sort. Also there is a metal percussion introduced. All of these sounds and additional textures play off each other nicely. These sounds give way to piano like notes (minus the attack part) before the track fades.

The first track on side two has more hard to identify sounds: a kind of scraping sound, a motor type of sound, and occasional tones. Things become dense with new sounds coming in and evolving and older ones fading. Soft metal percussion and deep bass thumps deliver non rhythmic hits. A synthetic insect drone comes in and then everything fades.

Track VI begins with scratchy vinyl sounding loop with additional tones and a rhythmic sound in the background. There is also a low-pitched drone. All sounds weave around each other, slowly evolving, allowing different sounds to come forward before the track quickly dissolves.

The last track has a low pulsating texture and ambient wash panning over the top. The sound could be described as dark or eerie. A mechanical loop evolves into a mid-range pulsating sound and then the track fades out.

The whole cassette goes by pretty quickly. The sounds are difficult to recognize and describe. That is one of things that makes it an enjoyable listen. Also the tracks aren’t too long. Andreas does a nice job of creating an atmosphere from unique noises without sounding clichéd. The sounds seem to play off each other at times and things get hypnotic in some areas.

Parts Of A Puzzle is a very enjoyable listen and I hope I get the chance to hear more of Andreas’ work.

(Written by Phil Klampe)

Cassette still available!

Hear a sample & purchase @ Ginjoha:

Andreas Brandal:

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