Orbless – Spinning Liquid Mirror C30 (Fabrica)

by mrdpetri


Immediately when I put the tape on play I heard a low frequency, which is maybe an artifact of the dub, or maybe a side effect of the electronics used in the recording process. I think maybe both. This first track on side A, called “HAARP” is analog electronic music in the vein of academic/conservatory electronic experimental music. Weird blips, chirping, fluttering, bloop, cheeeeee, ZAP-ZAP, rumbles, tweeting, abrupt watery echoes, brain scramble rays. This type of description is relatively useful for describing both sides, actually. It’s all somewhat with a mind of its own – nearly pulling loose from its leash, always sounding strangely earthy yet alien, communicative yet nonsensical, at times scathing/alarming and at times oddly warm/mood-enhancing. There are times when this type of sound is perfect for me to use as a brain-cleanser; to wipe my mind clear of expectations and bloated aesthetic cravings that have led me to a corner of thought-stifling sameness. Morton Sobotnick’s The Wild Bull came to mind when I first listened to this, but of course they’re pretty different from each other. I enjoy them in the same way/for the same reasons, though; no rhythm (or at least not very often), sounds always changing freely, immersively electronic in the analog. Very enjoyable and a nice mix-up for Fabrica’s catalog.

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