Orbless – Spinning Liquid Mirror C30 (Fabrica)


Immediately when I put the tape on play I heard a low frequency, which is maybe an artifact of the dub, or maybe a side effect of the electronics used in the recording process. I think maybe both. This first track on side A, called “HAARP” is analog electronic music in the vein of academic/conservatory electronic experimental music. Weird blips, chirping, fluttering, bloop, cheeeeee, ZAP-ZAP, rumbles, tweeting, abrupt watery echoes, brain scramble rays. This type of description is relatively useful for describing both sides, actually. It’s all somewhat with a mind of its own – nearly pulling loose from its leash, always sounding strangely earthy yet alien, communicative yet nonsensical, at times scathing/alarming and at times oddly warm/mood-enhancing. There are times when this type of sound is perfect for me to use as a brain-cleanser; to wipe my mind clear of expectations and bloated aesthetic cravings that have led me to a corner of thought-stifling sameness. Morton Sobotnick’s The Wild Bull came to mind when I first listened to this, but of course they’re pretty different from each other. I enjoy them in the same way/for the same reasons, though; no rhythm (or at least not very often), sounds always changing freely, immersively electronic in the analog. Very enjoyable and a nice mix-up for Fabrica’s catalog.

Fabrica records: http://fabricarecords.wordpress.com/releases/

One thought on “Orbless – Spinning Liquid Mirror C30 (Fabrica)

  1. Thanks for the review! Very thoughtful which is always great to see.
    The title of the track is “HAARP” and the 891 is the length in seconds of the track, same goes for the B side.
    The A side begins with white noise that fades out after a couple minutes, so that may be the low frequency you were hearing?
    If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.

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