Venn Rain – Bioharmonics C20 (House of Alchemy):

This is a sleepy tape very well suited for listenings deep into the night-time hours, 2-3 a.m. I’d say. There is a significant distance between the listener and the music, and the gap is filled with a soft nostalgic tape fizz which compliments the warbling aesthetics and moods of the pieces. Most of the pieces are given a backbone of a loop that sounds like it was pulled from an old tape, or something that was created and then played onto an old tape to produce the aforementioned tape fizz distance. Maybe this is just an artifact of the dubbing, and not a conscious choice by the artist. Maybe the artifacts of the dubbing are a conscious choice by the artist. Maybe nobody cares. Maybe I don’t care. It enhances the music for me and I enjoy it. The loops are crushed under a fog of degradation – genuine or fabricated – they are just a bit off from being perfectly in time or symmetrical, which is vaguely reminiscent, to me, of some of Zoviet France’s music. The music Venn Rain has put on this release is of course much different. Though there’s a thick atmosphere of nostalgia, it somehow sounds very current to me. The synthesizers used have a special muffled warmth. I’m actually not entirely sure that all of the tones are from synthesizers – the tonality might sometimes just be part of the loops. Either way, it sounds warm and to me evokes an urban landscape, and/or thoughts of fast urban life, massive human population, and high speed information exchange. I think it’s just the way the music is composed – the tonalities and the feel of the loops, that associates the music with urban environments and experiences. The delivery is unpretentious and direct, with not a lot going on over the top of the foundational loops (when used) and beds of synthesizers. Little to no tweaking or knob turning is detectable. The strength all centers around the moods evoked by the gentle clunky loops and repeating chord patterns. This is very much a simple pleasure and one to be picking from the shelf for a listen on a regular basis.

Buy it & look around at House of Alchemy:

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