Zome Tapes

Zome Tapes is a label out of Normal, Ilinois run by Hastas. I’ve got a small stack of tapes from them that I’ve been enjoying one by one. They have a good ear and apparently there’s some pretty good experimental stuff going on in Normal/Bloomington, such that they actually have something to document & release.


Tired Light – an intoxicated telling of a never-happened history C30-

Two very lullaby-like sides of peaceful guitar atmosphere. One guitar played through some vibrato and reverb in meandering spirals around a relatively small center of orbit. There’s not a lot more to say about this tape, but that’s not a bad thing. This is the kind of tape that provides a simple, constant atmosphere with a solid mood that you can whip out when you need it. It’s serene, nostalgic, a little bit playful, thoughtful, gentle. Plenty enjoyable.

 ImageSpilt Milk Vol. 1 art zine –

This is a really cool art zine by Kyle Riley, Zome Tapes operator and Hastas person. This is a collection of really great illustrations. It’s got a free-jazz / afrobeat looseness to its execution, with some psychedelic tastes. The style reminds me of the cartoon ‘Superjail’, which if you have not yet seen I would highly recommend – being one of the most remarkably excellent and strange new cartoons to be seen on the Adult Swim. Everything is amorphous, ready to change shape or disintegrate and shoot away from you into the distance or gush toward you and block out your field of vision with skittering vibrant color and shape blobs.

ImageImageI am partial to zines that have at least a partial thematic / visual / linear storyline / ideologic continuity. SpILt Milk, which for some reason I thought was SpLIt Milk for the first day and a half that I had it, fulfills this preference for me while remaining novel and funny.

ImagePsychological content is picked up and played with, with scarcely visible (as not to trip, distract, or irritate the spectator) yet existent (or are they?) fibrous roots leading down (or up?) to the author’s psychic ground of inner turmoils, contemplations, ideologies, whimsical imaginings, fears, ambitions, hopes, dreams, values, aesthetic preferences, memories, etc. There are many thought seeds or moments of resonant identification/reflection dispersed evenly among the snappy giggles and inane comments/exclamations.

ImageSome nice quotes:

 “Democracy is:

Wendy’s on Monday

Burger King on Tuesday

Subway on Wednesday

Arby’s on Thursday

McDonald’s on Friday

Pizza Hut on Saturday

Panera on Sunday”

Image “The toilet was alive and called out my name!”

 “EYES on the PRIZE….the prize is just more eyes”

The sensibility is simple and playful with nods to comic book styles as well as dada and other weirdo cutup zine art. A solidly cool little booklet. It isn’t available on the site yet, and may possibly never be. It is still recommended that you check them out if you’re not too busy.

Their site:


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