Nigel Samways – Forest of Robots C45 (Ginjoha)

This is one of the very best cassettes I’ve acquired over the last few years. The artist, Nigel Samways, has been active in the UK since at least 2008 doing sound sculpting such as that of this exquisite example of musique concrete, electro-acoustic, ambient and industrial flavored composite soundscapes, hypothetically regarding and depicting a forest… Read More Nigel Samways – Forest of Robots C45 (Ginjoha) – Randomicon – (Flatmate) 2011

I put in similar territory with Autechre, Richard Devine, Frank Bretschneider / Komet, Atom™, Phoenecia, Kouhei Matsunaga, etc. It’s somewhat cold & mechanical, with heightened strangeness or intensity of electronic sounds, and based strongly in rhythm and texture. Not so much in the melody or tonality end of things, though there are often tonalities… Read More – Randomicon – (Flatmate) 2011