Parashi – The Book of Nothing C40 (Cave Recordings)

ImageThis is another of the noise breed I love most. This style is metabolic, dingy, haunting & metaphysical, among other feels I enjoy. In a similar vein to some recordings I love by City of Worms or PBK, or the double-cassette PHBTK. Some brief pieces of this tape remind me of some Zoviet France or Rapoon, but there is an anxious restlessness here which doesn’t allow for what in many cases for Zoviet France or Rapoon would be a rapt, suspended animation held-breath transcendence. Instead, this tape is overall more of an aural horror session, especially the sizable portions which focus on some nasty pitch-shifted voiceplay.

In this tape a carefully limited selection of rumbles, gentle mechanical whirrs, and other textural backdrop materials are composted and turn randomly beneath usually two to five unnerving gestures of sound which flail and wail in the forefront like animals in shocked-and-astounded throes of death. The fidelity is of a low cassette fizz atmosphere, which puts a lovely blur into the mind of the listener, fermenting horrific moods that I would compare at times to something like certain parts of the first two Exorcist movies. I’m aided in my perceptions of metaphysical topics by the title of this tape being The Book of Nothing, a title which makes me think of some more esoteric and therefore more frightening version of The Necronomicon.

If you enjoy strange murky atonal lo-fi noise sculpturing this will work well for your mind.

 Get @ ((Cave))

<p><a href=”″>PARASHI – Salt Diggers</a> from <a href=””>Moduli TV</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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