Sunny Dunes – Village Global (Metaphysical Circuits)

ImageI saw a recent post on Metaphysical Circuits’ site that said this was the most popular release by the label so far. Thinking on it, this is probably my favorite out of the six or so that I have, though I’ve enjoyed them all. Sunny Dunes from what I can tell is a solo project by Sylvia Monnier a.k.a. Mika Perez. This person seems to be based in France, and is part of a duo called Suaves Figures (a cassette released by Sangoplasmo Records) with the other half being Piotr Kurek. Lots of drone based or otherwise dreamy music comes from these people, in whatever combination or isolation, and it all offers listening pleasure. 

Village Global‘s A side is sleepytime synthesizer music, more lunar than desert scented. Patient repetitious space-outs brought to life with intelligently minimal synth gesturing. Side B is more dreamland wandering; all soft and cushy, making me for whatever reason think of an old Nintendo game called “Little Nemo: The Dream Master”. There’s a nocturnal feeling to this tape, and notions of the surreal, but they are innocent despite being of… other realms.

To discuss my favorite piece from the tape; “Lindo Ciccone”, in my estimation, is based around a sample from Sonic Youth’s 1985 Ciccone Youth album, from the piece called “Needle Gun”. “Lindo (in Spanish or Portugese, means “attractive”) Ciccone (as in Madonna – that Madonna – Louise Ciccone – “Like A Virgin” etc.)” may or may not be derived from this source, but it’s a gorgeously eerie piece of music.

Metaphysical Circuits is my favorite new label. Christian Kann, previously working with the wonderfully prolific A Beard of Snails label, now has this as his more refined and glossed-up music publishing outlet. A delicious success developing gracefully. I strongly recommend downloading the Metaphysical Circuits World Pieces compilations for great samplings of the artists involved with the label. Solidly interesting and eclectic.

This release by Sunny Dunes is no longer available at Metaphysical Circuits’ site, but you can stream it at Sunny Dunes’ bandcamp page. There is a link there purporting that Tomentosa has copies available, which I found to be a sad un-truth. Still, there is plenty of good listening to be had at the bandcamp page.

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