Basked Unit – LMNOP c50 (Old Frontiers)


Basked Unit as they appear on this recording make a low fidelity drone-space-wash sort of abstract drumless psychedelic music. LMNOP is the one-microphone-in-the-room variety of basement tape experimental/industrial psychedelia. Prime. The Unit’s small group of sound manipulators together improvisationally create dense atmospheric sound pictures, and spontaneously make a cross-fading slide show out of them.

Present group members Scott Johnson, Mike Pouw, Josh St. Denis, and Sean Gadoury work together adeptly, one member’s output never souring the overall mix. Improvisational choices are studied. Would-be awkward moments are subsumed into the stream of instantaneous drone-texture composition; rendered logical, made into sub-points and texture in the proceedings. These are very good improvisers with good ears.

The tonalities they choose to drape over the underlying earthy sound-murk are more than appropriately hypnotic. This underlying earthy sound-murk consists of various rumblings, statics, reverbed-out things of all sorts, drones, and feedbacks. On top of this dense foundational weirdness (which is akin in ways to the atmospheres of the previously reviewed PBK + ANLA COURTIS tape…) during some segments are magical tonalities loosely painted by effected guitars. There are times of doom, surrealism, and gnosis on this tape, performed sensitively and interspersed carefully, so as to provide a continually interesting listen.

The tape is sold out at Old Fronteirs. Possibly because it was released in 2011, but we’re really not sure. It could be because of anything, really. It may be possible to find it somewhere, though, so you should try if you’re interested.

Actually, I would be willing to trade my copy of this for something interesting or otherwise meaningful/valuable if the right offer came my way: d h a l pe t ri AT g m aIL do tc om

The label is no more, but Sean Gadoury still posts new collage artwork at his tumblr page on a fairly consistent basis as far as I can tell. His collages are nostalgic, surreal, playful, on the metaphysical / mystical side.

Check out the artwork and ancient history of Old Frontiers at the site:

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