Pixel Hexing – video art collection (2014 Bicephalic Records)


Watching this DVD tonight was a tremendous pleasure for my weary mind. I found the diversity and the relatively short durations of the videos to be a perfect combination. Each artist’s piece is unique, with approaches spanning from vhs-trash to digital-trash to surreal quasi-HD digital environments and textures. The sound pieces all differ nicely, giving the viewer / listener a diverse yet cohesive experience. The sounds are all abstract works, with many wearing their electronics brightly on their sleeve in sync with aspects of the video. I thought it was an excellent snapshot of what at least a faction of the current video art scene is up to, what is possible, what people have thought of, what people are thinking about, -that sort of thing. As I ramp up toward doing more of my own video work, I found this DVD very inspiring and thoroughly stimulating. The moods and textures change visually and aurally over the course of what can’t be more than an hour. I’m not sure it’s less than an hour, but for having 12 artists it seemed to pass quickly. The credits and title menu are even pleasing to watch. Fantastic work by all artists involved, and strongly recommended.

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