Trajectory Talk

It’s been a hectic time these last couple of years attending school and re-structuring my existence. I’ve been quite sad that among other things like intake of movies, books, special home-cooked meals, and gardening this blogging activity has taken a far-back seat. I’m going to start posting some interview pieces in order to keep this thing going until my schedule opens up and I’m able to work toward a consistent writing routine. Over the next couple months I’ll be posting interviews with The Big Drum in the Sky Religion‘s Brown Hat, Words on Sounds / Tymbal Tapes headmaster Mr. Scott Scholz, Romanian electronic sound-breeders Somnoroase Pasarele, and discussion of “dark” materials with DumpsterScore Recordings / Regosphere sound-artisan Andrew Quitter and Discarnate vocalist-maestro Matt Maggio.

There is a great community of artists here in B-N unlike any I’ve been among thus far, and I’ve been a part of a wider community of creators for several years through operating Intangible Cat, Aubjects and this blog. I’m in my last year of seeking a degree and I’m intent to make it count heavily toward getting work in my field (video / audio production, videography, photography, animation, web, content creation…etc.). Once this push is over I’ll be re-directing myself toward deeper participation in d.i.y. music activities; contributing as much as I can through writing, trades, cross-pollination, videos, releasing music, setting up & performing at shows, and any other actions I can make to stimulate & enhance the milieu. In the meantime, I’ll continue to do these things at a very slow & patchy pace.

To anyone who has sent me anything in the last couple of years which I’ve not responded to: I will get to writing about what you’ve (physically) sent once I get back into doing writeups. I haven’t gotten rid of anything that was sent to me. I appreciate the opportunity to write about what you make and will do so to the best of my ability once I have the time and headspace to offer to that pursuit. For the time being, I’m trying to keep myself sane and do well in school & work – if anyone sends me anything it’s not likely I’ll get to it for quite some time. I’ll be posting here occasionally to keep the coals hot until I can get into a consistent routine covering current / recent releases.

Many thanks for reading, and human solidarity vibes to you.