Petriblog is aimed toward learning about topics that interest me (D. Petri), while nurturing critical thinking and writing skills through regular involvement in personal writing projects. I also think there’s insufficient coverage for D.I.Y. artists and various other life items and want to contribute to forwarding these creators and other ideas and phenomenon of value. This site is intended to be a source of information and perspectives regarding music, movies, books, art, food, or cultural topics. This is all done from my perspective as an appreciator and in-taker of such things, and not from one whose opinion is given to be the most enlightened of them all. I hope it can be of some amusement or assistance. For me it’s a functional and developmental practice.

The emphasis will be on music, mostly of the small-run, experimental, do-it-yourself variety. I feel this is the type most in need of coverage, and this breed of audio release is one I’ve always had a strong affection for.


Right now I can not in good conscience accept any new submissions due to a pileup of materials not yet covered. If you have an old address of mine you’ve once sent things to it is no longer valid; I’ve moved. Once I’m out of the bracken with backlogged items I’ll put out a call for new submissions. This will likely be mid-2018, after I’ve finished my degree(s). Until then I’ll be posting a lot of interviews with the occasional writeup peppered in.