Petriblog is an appendage of Dog Hallucination with the aim of learning about topics that interest me (D. Petri), while nurturing critical thinking and writing skills through regular involvement in personal writing projects. I also think there’s insufficient coverage for D.I.Y. artists and various other life items and want to contribute to forwarding these creators and other ideas and phenomenon of value. This site is intended to be a source of information and perspectives regarding music, movies, books, art, food, or cultural topics. This is all done from my perspective as a fairly avid appreciator and in-taker of such things, and not from one whose opinion is given to be the most enlightened of them all. I have impressions about things I’ve experienced and I use them here to present information about creativity and life. I hope it can be of some amusement or assistance. For me it’s a functional and developmental practice.

The emphasis will be on music, mostly of the small-run, experimental, do-it-yourself variety. I feel this is the type most in need of coverage, and this breed of audio release is one I’ve always had a strong affection for.


*If you would like your music reviewed here please examine what’s been covered so far, and choose wisely whether or not to send your item for review, in order to avoid wasting your time/energy/money. Please no folk, punk, indie, metal, pop, unless it’s somehow highly atypical.

Items sent for review will not be returned.

Any supplemental information, press release, bio, etc. relating to items sent for review would be helpful, even if it’s just a web address of a page containing such information.

It make take weeks or months for me to review something you send as I have a full-time job and a lot of other projects going on along with trying to maintain friendships and family relationships. It might just take a while for me to listen to your submission enough (2-5 times or more) to feel as if I have something substantial to say about it. I like to produce write ups that are more than a handful of thrown together impressions, as helpful as those can sometimes be. There is an ocean of music being made and it’s hard to cover it all, so such short form reviews are still nice to have in order to get an idea of what a recording is about. I will possibly at times do shorter reviews to make sure I get things posted in reasonable spans of time. I’ll do the best I can to get your item reviewed as soon as possible, and if I don’t think it’s something I will review I will let you know.

E m a iL: dhalpetri (AT) gmail (DOT) (COM)

Send items for review to:

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